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Why should I read this book?

So, why should you read this book? I am hoping that I can shine a new light on the corporate experience and offer some tips, tricks and techniques that have come from my 23 years of working in Human Resources. I worked my way up through the corporate life from an HR Assistant (yes, I had to run and get coffee!) to a Vice President, Human Resources of a large multi-national organization. I was made Vice President at 34 years old and stayed there for 8 years. While I was there, this organization became a top employer, over and over again.

During my career, I have seen “the good, the bad and the ugly”. I have seen amazing employees and I have seen employees who behaved very badly. I have seen great managers and I have seen jerks who, unfortunately, somehow were promoted to management. I have seen what works and what doesn’t work. I have hired many, many people; I have promoted many, many people and I have fired many, many, people. I have been involved in the “talent” discussions at a number of organizations and I have seen the types of behaviour that gets rewarded and promoted and the types of behaviour that just doesn’t work.

Over the years, I have thought...... “if I knew then, what I know now”. This was the inspiration for this book. I have offered career counselling to countless people over the years. I am now a trained professional coach. Hope you enjoy the advice, the examples and stories. Work takes up at least 67% of our waking hours through the week, we should have an instruction manual and have some fun along the way!